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common queries


why are you named Moody's?

I'm not Moody - YOU'RE MOODY!

JK, we're actually Moody's. But you see what we did there? Sometimes you're just in a mood, and that's a-okay. And what snack do you reach for when you're in a mood? ICE CREAM, BISH. We're here to help you own your feelings. Need to shrug off that funk? Then grab a pint of our ice cream. Funk = shrugged. 

are essential oils safe to eat?

Not all essential oils can be ingested, but we use 100% pure food grade EO's that are safe to eat. We source only the purest EO's that are concentrated in a specific way so that they're not dangerous when consumed. Plus, because they're so pure and potent, we don't have to use a lot of them in our recipes and the amount you eat is way below safety standards. YAY!

where are you located?

It's kind of a secret ;) We purposefully don't have a store front and partner with local Minnesota businesses to bring you delicious mood-boosting ice creams in a hyper-exclusive fashion. You either have to buy our ice creams online (here) or visit us at a rotating pop-up event.


The Cons: you can't get us anytime you want. The Pros: we're totally worth it!