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a sweet treat that you can (literally) feel good about


What's so special about Moody's?

What if doing something naughty was actually good for you?

Moody's ice cream was founded on the idea that when you treat yo'self, you should feel better than you did before.


With most ice creams, though, that's not the case. Syrups, candy, and confectionery inclusions spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling tired and bloated. Plus, "fun, unique" flavors are really just the same old cookies and candies in different combinations. WTF is up with that??

At Moody's, we've combined the indulgence of super-premium ice cream with the mood-boosting properties of essential oils for the ultimate feel-good, sensory experience. Each essential oil infused ice cream flavor is crafted in a way that not only tastes great, but delivers a specific mood-boosting experience. We're changing the pint ice cream game with simple recipes that actually help improve your mood.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota